About the SLMA


Our vision:

The Sales Lead Management Association endeavors to be the voice of the expanding marketing technology field that manages prospect responses to lead generation programs by B2B and B2C companies.  It is our belief that if you cannot manage sales leads you cannot manage sales.

The Sales Lead Management Association was founded by James W. Obermayer, Susan A. Campanale and Mark L. Friedman.

  • The SLMA officially launched on October 1, 2007 and serves the Sales Lead Management community.
  • The company is privately held by SLMA LLC, and has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, display advertising, the SLMA Radio Program, SLMALive an internet radio network,  Industry Leaders Links, Blog, etc.

SLMA Facts

  • Education: The SLMA education is divided into two categories: B2B and B2C.
  • There are approximately 300 articles from 60 authors on the SLMA site.
  • News: industry news about sales lead management is posted when to the home page.
  • SLMA Radio Interviews industry CEOs or CMOs each program. SLMA Radio has interviewed 345 Level Executives on 278 episodes.
  • SLMALive is an internet radio channel that hosts programs from corporations that want their own radio programs.
  • All internet live programs have had 94,800 listeners for 49,490 hours of content delievery.  2.9 Million minutes of listening by at work listeners (also via iTunes and Stitcher).
  • Membership is approximately: 26% from c-level titles, 17% from marketing, 19% miscellaneous, 9% managers, 21% sales management, 1% academics, 1% agencies, 3% analysts, 3% Consultants .
  • Membership on July 1, 2015 totaled 8250  members.
  • Membership in the SLMA is free.
  • Membership is divided between B2B, B2C and academic members.

Worldwide Membership

  • 84.5 of the SLMA membership is in the United States, 15.5 spread around the globe in 67 countries.
  • SLMA Linkedin is a closed membership/discussion group with 3416 members.

Business Visibility

  • The SLMA sponsors the Sales Lead Management Week which will occur October 2015
  • The SLMA publishes a blog.
  • SLMARadio which has interviewed 352 executives on 252 programs with over 55,000 listeners.
  • SLMALive an internet radio channel that hosts programs such as SLMARadio, Leadspace Radio and MSPradio.
  • The company also sponsors a nomination program for the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management as part of its effort to bring a spotlight to women in marketing management. 

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