2017 Top 10 Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management: Software

If it weren’t for the leaders’ in software and lead management applications, millions of salespeople would be less productive, sales expenses would be astronomical and turnover in sales positions would be untenable.  The software and specialized applications these leaders create for lead management and lead creation drives hundreds of billions of dollars in new business each year for those that purchase their solutions.

Revenue Management is the core value for the 40 Leaders in Sales Lead Management

Lynden, WA – – December 15, 2017 – – James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that the results are in from the election for the inspiring ‘Leaders in Sales Lead Management.  In four different categories, ten inspiring leaders that received the most votes from named.

Obermayer said, “Sales Lead Management is the core discipline that when accurately done as a process, considering the needs of prospects and salespeople, and using the dozens of software applications and lead generation agencies available, can make the difference between being a successful company or an also-ran.”

“These 42 inspiring leaders (we had a tie in two categories) understand that lead management must be defined before the tools of CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and hundreds of software applications can be applied.  Many thousands of lead generation agencies and millions of marketing departments must manage sales leads properly to gain revenue in a predictable manner. This is why we recognize our inspiring leaders in this annual election.”

The 10 winners, in the order of votes received, are:

People in Software and Apps

Michelle Huff, Act-On Software
Prayag Narula, LeadGenius
Theresa Cramer, Information Today, Inc.
Han Yuan, Upwork
Scott Benedetti, The Pedowitz Group
Fred Yee, ActiveConversion
Larry Caretsky, Commence Corporation
Lars Helgeson, GreenRope
Peter Gillett, Zuant
Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner CRM
John Hasbrouck, NewLeads

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