Steve Gershik, CEO, Koyne Marketing

Nominee Steve Gershik, CEO, Koyne Marketing  @SGersh

Category: People in Lead Generation companies (including agencies Рconsultancies Рdatabase providers Рfulfillment telemarketing Рtrade show vendors Рetc.)

SLMA's 40 Most Inspiring Leaders 2017 Nominee Steve Gershik, Koyne Marketing

Steve has been an incredible leader and mentor through my entire career. From his early days, when he helped introduce the concept of DemandGen at the first Eloqua Experience, to the mentorship of social media companies and young DemandGen marketers, to his recent development of Koyne, an agency which is ushering in a transformational new approach to customer advocacy, Steve deserves recognition in the community. In addition to his skillset, Steve is incredibly generous – he constantly gives – both to his clients and to Marketing as a profession – and deserves to be rewarded.
Steve is nominated by Alex Gammelgard

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