Mari Anne Vanella, CEO/Founder, The Vanella Group

Winner: Mari Anne Vanella, CEO/Founder, The Vanella Group, Inc. @VanellaGroup, LinkedIn

Nominated in the category: B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

Mari Anne Vanella has maintained the front row seat in her class in B2B large enterprise sales development. Her organization continues to deliver edgy, modernized engagement programs for companies such as HP, Nokia, and many others. With a depth of understanding of prospect engagement and psychology of engagement, she has created a repeatable model for companies to successfully identify, engage, and manage relationships over long sales cycles. The proprietary methodology she created, Telesales 2.0™, is used by large enterprise organizations throughout North America and now into Western Europe. Every year she has added new elements that impact managing relationships from a distance, this last year a study was done on the The Telesales 2.0™ process, The Architecture of Engagement™ as well as a study was released on early engagement by the Marketing ID where it has been proven over and over, early identification of sales cycles means greater percentage of closed deals. Mari Anne has taken demand gen far beyond BANT to a place where peer-level engagement matters and is what makes the difference. She is a sought after consultant and problem-solver that really understand the breakdowns that can happen and more importantly how to implement the long-term performance fix.

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Mari Anne Vanella is nominated by Karmon Walker

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