Dayna Rothman, VP Marketing & Sales Dev, BrightFunnel

Winner: Dayna Rothman, VP Marketing & Sales Development, BrightFunnel @dayroth, LinkedIn

Nominated in the category: B2B and B2C C-Level Management

I know that it is a bit unconventional to nominate yourself, however, I have excelled quite a bit this year in becoming a thought leader in the space of marketing and sales management.

Over the past several years my career has really skyrocketed. I have gone from leading content marketing at Marketo to writing the Lead Generation for Dummies book, and then on to running all of marketing as VP of Marketing at EverString. Last year I took a role as VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel, where I oversee both the core marketing and the sales development team.

At BrightFunnel, this has been my first time running a sales development team, however, I have grown the team to 7 ADRs and between our ADRs and marketing programs, our marketing team at BrightFunnel generates about 90% of all pipeline and we influence 100% of revenue. In fact, both my and my team’s goals are tied directly to revenue. Because of having shared goals with the sales team our sales and marketing team is incredibly aligned.

On the marketing team, we run a pretty sophisticated practice for a small company. Our program mix consists of content marketing, email marketing and nurture, social, paid vendor programs, content syndications, PPC/remarketing, Account-Based Ads with Terminus, sponsored and hosted events, field marketing, direct mail, and more. I have grown our lead volume by 300% since I joined a year ago and have steadily increased conversion rates and optimized the full funnel.
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