10 Most Inspiring Leaders Lead Generation Company Professionals 2016

Bellingham, WA – – December 14, 2016 – – The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that the results are tabulated in the election for the inspiring  ‘Leaders in Sales Lead Management.’  Ten leaders (four different categories) who received the most votes from SLMA members are winners in their respective category.

SLMA CEO James Obermayer said, “Our members recognize the leaders in the field of sales lead management, the core discipline that must be adhered to before the tools of CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and hundreds of software applications can be applied.  Many thousands of lead generation agencies and millions of marketing departments must manage sales leads properly to gain revenue in a predictable manner. This is why we recognize our leaders in this annual election.”

10 Most inspiring leaders in order in the category of Lead Generation Company Professionals (including agencies, consultancies, database providers, fulfillment telemarketers, trade show vendors, etc.). 

  1. Max Altschuler, Sales Hacker
  2. Howard Sewell, Spear Marketing Group
  3. David Kreiger, SalesRoads
  4. Kevin Joyce, The Pedowitz Group
  5. Brian Carroll, B2B Lead Blog
  6. Dan McDade, PointClear
  7. David Lewis, DemandGen International
  8. James Wright, Concept Services Ltd.
  9. Alex Stanton, DemandLab LLC
  10. Mac McIntosh, AcquireB2B

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