Winner: Traci Whetzel, Concept Services, Ltd.

Nominated in the category:

B2B & B2C Marketing & Sales Management

About this winner:

Traci Whetzel, Director of Business Development – CRM, began her career with Concept Services as a Business Development Manager (BDM), and during her tenure she has held a multitude of roles within the organization. Traci is a strategic and process driven manager with a passion for sales process design, results, CRM and all things technical. This is demonstrated through her Administrator Certification. Traci is addicted to staying up on the latest of technologies and strategies for Marketing, Lead Generation, and Business Development.

Traci has over a decade of experience working with and implementing various CRM solutions. She is an inspiring person to work with on both a personal and professional level because of her knowledge, optimism and “can-do” attitude. Traci is a great representation of our company’s spirit of an optimal blend of hard work and fun, which she displays on a daily basis to her employees and customers.

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Nominated by:

Jeff Harsh


  1. Traci is a leader in the truest sense of the word. Her knowledge of CRM, Sales and Marketing is borderline encyclopedic. She specializes in and adds value to each of these categories. Traci plants seeds of challenge in the hearts and minds of those that she works with. Yea, it’s that real! She inspires her customers and peers to look at themselves and make conscious, deliberate decisions to grow. Whether educating a panel of industry executives on the capabilities of CRM or shooting the breeze at the water cooler, Traci is an example of thought leadership and professionalism in the Sales Lead Management space.

  2. Traci is a cornerstone of Concept Services and continues to be a leader in the Sales & Marketing field. Her broad industry knowledge, ability to develop meaningful customer relationships, and adaptability to the many tasks at hand continues to make her successful in her role. Traci is the type of person that people quickly gravitate to providing a lasting impact on our both our customers and employees and ultimately, our company’s success.

  3. Traci’s punctuality and work ethic are uplifting. Traci can brighten any meeting with her personality and industry knowledge. Traci is always working to improve herself and those around her. Traci’s ability to lead and serve is the very reason for her success.

  4. Traci has over a decade of experience in working directly with Sales & Marketing professionals across countless industries working as a continuous leader in the Business Development & CRM space.

    She provides all those she works with, both internally and with clients, the newest of industry ideas on ways to improve their business development and sales management strategies.

    Traci is very versatile across a variety of business settings. From high level strategy sessions to low-key networking events. She is a good communicator and can build great relationships with all those she works alongside.

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