Nominee: Richard Harris, Sales Hacker


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B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

About this nominee:

Richard has been working hard for the last several years in the sales training space. In addition to helping turn sales organizations around he is instrumental in making sure that sales reps understand the “why” behind learning sales, not just the “what” to do. His work has inspired many to push themselves out of themselves out of their comfort zone to reach new professional heights. When I first asked Richard to start helping with Sales Hacker, it was merely to facilitate and handle our training programs. Over time he’s become a valued and trusted resource for me and the rest of the Sales Hacker team. (Max Altshuler)

I’ve been working with Richard for a year now. He’s been a pleasure to work with, and he greatly improved the performance, knowledge and energy of our Sales, SDR and AM teams. I would recommend Richard to any company looking for Sales Training.  (Justin Hettinger)

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Nominated by:

Max Altschuler
Justin Hettinger

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