Winner: Nathan Remmes, NanoLumens

WInner in the category:

B2B and B2C C-Level Management

About this winner:

Nathan Remmes is a results driven leader with expertise in B2B demand generation, pipeline management, business process and strategic partnerships. Passionate about company culture, he has been a part on the NanoLumens team since its first inception. Nathan’s expertise in building business development and marketing teams has brought him full circle from demand generation and marketing to sales and back again.

During his tenure at NanoLumens, Nathan has not only been responsible for growing the funnel but for also bringing intelligent display to the marketplace, revolutionizing the world of digital marketing. His expertise and thought leadership are regularly quoted across the media with radio interviews and stories that can be found across the web.

A multi-time winner for both TAG and SLMA awards, Nathan has also been recognized by the Demand Gen Report for his content strategy. Today as the VP of Corporate Development, Nathan is spearheading the future of intelligent display technology with the NanoLumens AWARE platform, along with fearlessly leading business development and marketing teams to new heights and revenue growth at NanoLumens.

An avid reader and history buff, Nathan is also a proud father of two young daughters. Whether it’s a princess costume or tea party, you can also find Nate putting family first.

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Nominated by:

Joe’ Lloyd


  1. Nate is a focused leader. He is driven by success and is the perfect nominee.

  2. I’ve worked with Nate for several years now and his skill set is second to none. A remarkable business development strategist complimented with a great sense of branding.

  3. Nate is a passionate visionary driven by success. He is the perfect candidate for this award because he works collaboratively with his team and focuses on enhancing corporate culture.

  4. Problem solver extraordinaire! Nate manages change in a fast moving industry with ease and brings a direct approach to cut to the heart of the matter at hand.

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