Winner: Lars Helgeson, GreenRope


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People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this nominee:

Lars Helgeson is a leader. Without taking on any outside funding, Lars has developed and built a company that competes with some of the largest CRM and marketing automation companies in the world. Without a doubt, he is a visionary leader that inspires his team to learn the language they work in and exude the culture he has formed. In 2015, GreenRope was named one of the top CRMs on multiple review platforms alongside billion dollar companies. Through exceptional development and knowledge of both programming and the needs of business owners, Lars has both right and left brain qualities that have enabled him to successfully grow a company without millions of dollars in invested in development and marketing. As a developer, he has personally envisioned and programmed the majority of the system, as well as taken on the role of scrum master, CEO, CTO, and lead visionary. As an entrepreneur he knows what businesses need to succeed and as CTO, he knows how to develop it. He truly is the renaissance man of the 21st century. His commitment to his team and to his customers is translated through the customer experience all clients receive when using the platform or interacting with the team. The additions he made to the system in 2016 as well as the business partnerships he built, have propelled GreenRope to the next level. Lars Helgesson is the a leader in Sales Lead Management software.

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Alessandra Ceresa

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