Winner: Kevin Joyce, The Pedowitz Group

Kevin Joyce - The Pedowitz Group - 40 Most Winner

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People in Lead Generation companies (including agencies – consultancies – database providers – fulfillment telemarketing – trade show vendors – etc.)

About this winner:

Kevin Joyce, VP of Marketing Strategy, The Pedowitz Group (TPG), is merging the inbound and outbound functions, creating omni-channel engagement with customers, which produces optimal revenue results and peaks customer experience. He inspires his team to evolve lead management for clients, accounting for acquisition and retention. Kevin also writes a column for Target Marketing Magazine called Revenue Marketing Roadmap:

This year, Kevin evolved TPG’s  work on lead management processes for clients, Bandwidth and GE Digital.  That work is leading edge in terms of how a firm should manage leads through their funnel. He introduced the concept of why companies should create two different funnels to manage leads, one for acquisition (new leads), the other for retention and growth (existing customers).  Read Kevin’s unique perspective in this DemandGenReport Special Report on Funnel Measurement:  MQLs and Conversion Rates:

Also this year, Kevin  introduced SCOTSMAN, a new list of criteria to measure the marketing funnel and efficiently handoff sales ready leads, which replaces the outdated BANT approach.  SCOTSMAN is comprised of Solution, Competition, Originality, Timescale, Size, Money, Authority and Need.

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Elizabeth Fairleigh

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