Nominee: Jim Eberlin, TopOPPS


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B2B and B2C C-Level Management

About this nominee:

After building two market leading companies, both now reside in Silicon Valley, Jim Eberlin is at it again in the race for market leadership in predictive analytics for opportunity management and sales forecasting. Throughout Jim’s career, he has founded and built companies to address today’s business leaders challenges, and TopOPPS is doing just that for sales management. Jim’s experience exudes throughout the product which is wrapped between machine learning and predictive analytics that literally supercharge sales organizations. Within the TopOPPS culture, Jim has embodied a mindset of continuous learning for constant improvement – which he has passed onto his entire team. Jim enables his team with great direction, constant gratitude and support for their own personal growth. He truly represents TopOPPS core values – high performance, respect, and truth. Jim’s current team is continuously absorbing Jim’s leadership and coaching which has fueled the company during its quick growth. In today’s cynical world, Jim’s leadership is just as effective and empowering, as wholesome and inherent.

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Nominated by:

Amy Kohl

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