Nominee: Jeff Harsh, Concept Services


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B2B and B2C C-Level

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Jeff Harsh, Business Unit Vice President, joined Concept Services as a BDM. Jeff gained experience in sales and recruiting/staffing before coming to Concept Services. During his time as a BDM and throughout his career at Concept Services, Jeff’s work ethic has been apparent as he has been the first to arrive and the last to leave since first joining the company. This work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile have been unmistakable as he has used these attributes as a means to success in the roles he has taken on beyond his tenure as a BDM. Jeff has since held the titles of Performance Manager, Account Manager, Operations Manager, Director of CRM and Director of Operations, which have led him to his current role as VP of Operations.

As a Certified Developer, Jeff was able to develop the framework around our services for implementations, support, training and more for our clients. He has also used the operational experience he gained from creating training programs and other activities in his previous roles to become Director of Operations and now VP of Operations, where he continues to support the overall needs of our organization and existing structure.

Today, Jeff is responsible for the ongoing development of our management and training teams as well as managing our production, operation and resource allocation. His goals include the continuous and ongoing improvement of all areas within his group and across the company.

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Traci Whetzel


  1. Jeff has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions. His communication skills are likely his strongest asset, which he uses to define and refine ideas for the benefit of our clients and the Concept Services organization as a whole. Jeff has a clear, well-articulated vision for sustained growth through execution of our value proposition at every level of the company. He is both available and approachable and his passion is contagious.

  2. Jeff is one of those leaders that, while managing specific facets of the company, has an ability to make meaningful impact company-wide. His ability to provide insightful thought-provoking ideas and solutions continues to push the organization and our customers forward. He has a unique way of challenging your initiatives while simultaneously providing inspiration to reach the end goal which often proves invaluable in reaching the desired outcomes.

  3. Jeff’s creativity and discipline make him an extraordinary person to be around. No matter the situation, Jeff keeps his composure. Jeff’s positivity and ability to adapt to any situation have been monumental in his growth as a leader.

  4. I have known Jeff for many years now and it’s been a privilege to watch his growth both professionally and personally. Jeff has become a leader within our organization by leading by example. Nothing is handed to Jeff, he works hard and strives to be better than the day before. He has an uncanny ability to challenge your mindset, which helps you create new ideas for Concept Services, your customers and even your career. His enthusiasm for new business development, CRM and Concept Services is truly contagious.

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