Nominee: Jason Wisener, Concept Services, Ltd.


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People in Lead Generation Companies (including agencies, consultantcies, database proviers, fulfillment, telemarketing, trade show vendors, etc.)

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Jason Wisener, Director of Production, began his career as a BDM and brought with him a background of outside sales experience.
As a BDM, Jason worked in various industries but was very instrumental in the growth of the construction industry. He valued the employees and had a passion to teach the Concept Services process to all new employees. This passion led Jason to obtain the role as a Training Coordinator and then Training and Development Manager where he supported all initial and on-going training efforts.

Today, Jason plays a large role in the daily operations at Concept Services. He is dedicated to the success of the employees and clients across the company. Jason’s main objective is teaching and managing to Concept, Process, and Discipline. His “Just Do It” attitude, work ethic, and passion is very inspirational and contagious to the employees.

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Traci Whetzel


  1. Jason was my direct manager and mentor for over a year. He’s an ideas guy with built in execution. He has grown customer relationships directly as a business development manager and indirectly by setting the tone for what a quality business development manager consists of. Employees that work with Jason become better employees. They understand the pipeline more clearly. They enhance their conversations and learn how to present better. Jason is the first one to the office and the last one to leave on most days of the week. His passion for betterment and work ethic to back it up make him a true leader in the Business Development/Management space.

  2. I have worked with Jason Wisener for my entire tenure here at Concept Services. When I started he was a BDM, but had a tremendous passion for training new employees to be successful here at Concept Services. His passion led him to become the companies first training coordinator, then training and development manager and now director of production. He exemplifies everything that you would want someone in your company to have to mentor new employees to become as successful as possible. His training techniques and ideas have without a doubt positively motivated every employee that is either new or tenured here at Concept Services to try to reach the top. He teaches each employee how to effectively manage a sales pipeline to ensure BDM success, he teaches how to effectively approach every situation when speaking with a customer and he also teaches effective closing techniques. He is one of, if not the best, leaders that I have had the pleasure to work with in my career in sales and marketing.

  3. Jason understands business development and lead generation. I can truly say he helped me during my onboarding process and inspired me to grow as a BDM. Jason provides a much needed human element over the phone and throughout our company’s many mediums of communication. Jason has a positive attitude and a creative outlook. He is a team player who has been a pioneer for new and effective methods of training, production, and quality control. Jason is an asset to Concept Services and all who work with him.

  4. When I began my career at Concept Services in September 2014, I had the pleasure of taking over Jason Wisener’s accounts at the company, due to his promotion to the Training & Production Department. With the need to transition accounts smoothly, Jason made it a priority to get me up to speed quickly, and that he did. Due in part to his guidance and direction, I was able to grasp the Concept, and the Process part of the company, and was able to grow within the organization personally. Jason has experience, skills, and knowledge in prospecting/lead generation, and sales, giving him an advantage over others in lead generation, as he fully understands the cycle, and importance of new business development.

  5. I have been working with Jason Wisener for over two years now. He is the definition of what it looks like to lead by example. He puts passion behind everything he does at Concept Services from his innovative ideas, to teaching employees, and doing everything he can to help others grow and achieve their goals. Jason has high goals for himself and works hard every single day to make an impact for himself, his employees, and the company as a whole. He embodies what a true leader looks like. He works to grow himself, but knows the importance of helping and encouraging others to grow with him. His positive attitude and energy are contagious. I know I am not alone when I say I wouldn’t be where I am at professionally without Jason’s encouragement and example.

  6. If I had to sum up Jason in a few of words I would use; energy, passion and ability. Jason is one of those people that you can give something to, be it a task or large project, and he will give 100% to it. (I’d use the whole 110% cliché, but I can’t stand it.) He is someone you want on your team, simply for his ability to make it work and to enable others to make it work as well.

  7. It is no surprise to me that Jason has been nominated as being one of the most inspiring leaders in our industry/field. He has a knack for relating and reaching people of all personalities and bringing out the best in everyone that he works with. Jason promotes and creates a positive work environment in which everyone feels comfortable and part of the team. He is an exceptional leader and truly embodies what Concept Services is all about. There is no doubt that he belongs belongs on this list.

  8. I have worked with Jason Wisener for several years at Concept Services. Jason started as a Business Development Manager and was the type of employee that refused to be beat. He’s a natural competitor. He thrives on continuously learning new things and growing each day.

    Since his time as a BDM, Jason has taken on multiple responsibilities within the organization including the overall management of the Production, Training, and Talent Acquisition divisions.

    Jason has impacted the culture and energy of the current Concept Services calling “floor” more than anyone within our company.

  9. Jason is truly a driven, self-motivated individual. He inspires and energizes all those around him to learn more and do better always. He is always searching for a more effective way to train and welcomes your input and ideas. He thinks not only outside the box but all around it and further. He has managed to find a way to combined the passion and energy and “go-getter” attitude that comes with outside sales and apply that to the lead generation platform. He rocks and his hair is always on point.

  10. Jason has a driven personality and will go over and beyond to make sure that everyone is successful. His passion is to strive and conquer all task, in which he does. When Jason talks about his job he has the biggest smile on his face the entire time. He truly enjoys what he does and it shines through his with his actions.

  11. Jason is more than just a leader. Jason is an inspiration. He began his career at Concept Service as a Business Development Manager and within a short amount of time is now the Director of Training and Development. His hard work and dedication is something that I am personally striving to achieve.
    Jason is more than just part of the management team here at Concept Services. He is a friend. He will go out of his way to help each individual employee. You can come to him with any problem large or small and he will do his best to help you achieve a resolution. He does a daily “walk through ” each day just to say good morning to each employee and to check to see if everyone is on track for the day.
    I admire his work ethics, his attitude, and the energy that he brings on a continuous basis. He is simply a person with more to give than just the knowledge of our “product”. He is genuinely a person who deserves to be in the position that he has worked so hard to be in.

  12. Jason Wisener is one of the most passionate people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This passion stretches not only to his work but to the people that have the pleasure of working with him. Simply put, he inspires people to be better. The funny thing about it is that it comes naturally. Jason’s ability to turn the tide is engraved into his personality and that is his greatest strength. Now that I have the pleasure of reporting directly to Jason it is all the more clear to me that he is a powerhouse amongst anyone in the sales industry. Jason’s success can and should be measured in the success that Concept Services has seen through his tenure. He developed a training program from the ground up, has trained more than 200 individuals in lead generation, and still manages to inspire every class that walks through our doors. Jason is truly a man to admire and be inspired by, especially in Sales Lead Management.

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