Winner: Jason Smith – IO Education

Jason Smith - IO Education - 40 Most Nominee

Nominated in the category:

People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this winner:

I have worked in sales for the past 7 years across 3 organizations and I have learned more as a sales person within the past 9 months under Jason’s Leadership. I have never had a boss that is as equally concerned about my personal successes and goals as my professional. Beyond creating systems that help meet goals, Jason has helped develop people to have successful careers in Sales. I truly feel that you would be hard-pressed to find a sales team with a better leader.

Jason Smith at IO Education is one of the most gifted lead gen strategists and team builders around. His process orientation has allowed him to create repeatable processes that his team believes in and follows. With a team following the process, and his daily coaching and progress monitoring, the Sales Development team regularly beats their goals by 50 – 100%, yes – many times doubling their goal.  This is not by luck, chance market conditions or even the best products on the market, it is because of the determined and diligent efforts of Jason to create a process and team that can create scalable, repeatable revenue.  My hat is off to Jason!

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Nominated by:

Jamie Crossland and Eric Miller

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