Winner: James Wright, Concept Services, Ltd.

Nominated in the category:

People in Lead Generation Companies (including agencies, consultantcies, database proviers, fulfillment, telemarketing, trade show vendors, etc.)

About this winner:

James Wright, Business Unit Director, began his career with Concept Services as a BDM. Using his previous experience in sales and his competitive nature, James has blazed his own path for success within the company. After achieving consistent success as a BDM, James was promoted to the role of Sales Executive, where he spent four years working for our VP of Sales and played a critical role by acquiring major accounts for our Materials Handling and Supply Chain divisions. To further his experience and knowledge of the company, James moved out of his sales role and into his current position as an Account Manager.

Today, James uses the experience he gained from nearly a decade of working with clients in the supply chain and professional services industries to effectively manage accounts for our clients in the division of the same name at our West Campus. James is a confident and results driven account manager with a passion for productivity, sales growth and a focus on the development of his accounts as well as the employees that he works with.

Connect with James:

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Nominated by:

Traci Whetzel


  1. James takes customer relationships seriously. He prides himself on his integrity and it shows when working with his direct reports and customers. James is always positive and quick to raise his hand. He is the ideal employee that has stayed dedicated to Concept Services for many years. His spirit, drive and commitment to Concept Services is unwavering and appreciated.

  2. James is driven and dedicated to his field. He would be an asset to any development company.

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