Winner: Genie Parker, VanillaSoft

Genie Parker - VanillaSoft - 40 Most Winner

Nominated in the category:

People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this winner:

Genie Parker has spent her career dedicated to sales & marketing. She is a co-founder of Parker, Murray and Associates, a call center that supplied sales and sales leads to businesses in a large variety of industries from small business to Fortune 500. At Parker, Murray and Associates, Genie spearheaded the adoption of new lead management technologies that drove productivity and efficiency. Many of these new technologies became the foundation for VanillaSoft in 2005.

Genie understands the changing landscape of the sales profession and the need for changes in sales technology. As demand for inside sales reps outpaces the demand of outside sales, organizations must adopt sales enablement platforms that are better suited to the demands placed on inside salespeople.

Genie is an advocate for the need to adapt queue-based routing technology to high-end sales. She firmly believes that technology should rise to meet the complexities of today’s sales processes to make the end user experience – that of the inside sales rep – as simple and distraction free as possible so the rep can do what he or she does best: sell.

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Nominated by:

Stacy Jackson

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