Winner: Federico Dottin, RIO Software Solutions


Nominated in the category:

People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this winner:

Trip has taken feedback from real estate industry users, potential users/customers, team and turned a very functional software solution for real estate brokers and agents into a sexy, beautiful, mobile responsive interface. He LISTENED to EVERYONE. How he sifted through the noise to get to what would most benefit users and solve their issues is commendable.

I was able to preview the next roll-out recently at a conference. I listened to the 200+ attendees ooo and ahhh over his improvements. They also thanked him for listening to their functional needs, as well as making it more fun, intuitive and easy to use. He’s led the nitty gritty programming team, that is super talented, as well. He has generated excitement for sales, marketing, developers AND, most importantly — USERS and potential customers. Yay Trip!

Connect with Trip:

LinkedIn | Twitter| WWW

Nominated by:

Susan Finch


  1. Federico “Trip” Dottin is one of the most inspirational, talented, and productive individuals I’ve ever met. His dedication to improving systems, organizational skills, and creating extremely functional software solutions, are a clear demonstration of his unmatched talents and skills. His skills are exceptional and rare; making him one of the most desirable tech in the software industry.

  2. Trip is an incredible talent in software solutions. His responsiveness to clients wants and needs is unsurpassed. He is a very talented individual and we are lucky to have him on our team!

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