Nominee: Bryan Holzinger, Concept Services Ltd.


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People in Lead Generation Companies (including agencies – consultancies – data providers – fulfillment telemarketing – trade show vendors)

About this nominee:

Bryan Holzinger, Business Unit Director, came to Concept Services with a desire to further advance his career and used the experience gained from over a decade of previous sales and management roles, as well as his education, to become a top performing BDM at Concept Services within a relatively short amount of time. Bryan’s tenacity and consistent performance were recognized and positioned him to be an obvious and safe choice for some of our most difficult and high-level accounts.

As our company continued to grow, Bryan’s success as a BDM was re-purposed to meet our company’s needs through other positions like Team Lead, Training Coordinator and his current role of Account Manager, where he provides support, both initial and ongoing, for current BDMs and the accounts on which they work.

Today, Bryan provides support for our Supply Chain and Professional Services division and our West Campus as an Account Manager who is responsible for managing the relationship with two of our largest clients. Bryan is dedicated to the success of our clients and has a passion for growth and development of the BDM’s on his accounts.

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Nominated by:

Traci Whetzel


  1. I’ve worked with Bryan Holzinger both as a peer, and with Bryan as my current Director. Bryan gives his team the autonomy to do the job, and the resources necessary to succeed. Bryan ensures that his team is well equipped. Bryan has moved up within our organization at a rapid pace for good reason. His leadership and flexibility to adapt to several management styles has made him a cornerstone of our organization.

  2. Bryan is a proven leader both within lead generation and at our company. His desire to continually push boundaries and drive his team’s success has been influential in maintaining and growing relationships with our customers. Bryan’s industry knowledge and resourcefulness continue to make a positive impact in driving the lead generation efforts for our customers.

  3. Bryan is a tenacious and infectious leader that embodies our company’s culture. He is always willing and able to accept new challenges and does so with a positive attitude. His customers and direct reports are always at the forefront of his mind and their appreciation of his guidance is correlated to that. Bryan loves to challenge processes, but only for the betterment of those affected. He has been a pleasure to work with over the past several years and I look forward to his advancement at Concept Services and beyond.

  4. Bryan has been instrumental in helping me grow personally as well as professionally. He took the time early on in my tenure with Concept Services to ensure I was well equipped with all the resources and outlets that I needed for success. Bryan’s industry knowledge is second to none as it relates to lead generation and pipeline management. Bryan has had a major impact in shaping the many facets of our organization. He is certainly well deserving of this nomination.

  5. I have worked with Bryan Holzinger for over two years now. His influence in my own personal professional development has been paramount to my success with Concept Services Ltd. He took the time to not only teach but to mold me into the employee that I am. Being one of the Talent Acquisition Specialists for this company it is imperative to be able to understand lead generation in order to effectively explain to young professionals the value of what Concept Services can provide for its customers. Bryan has taken the time both during work (when appropriate) and after hours to give me insight into the production/retention of accounts. Thus allowing me to reciprocate what I have learned from Bryan to any new prospective employees. Bryan should be viewed as a power-house in lead generation. He skillfully manages some of the largest accounts for Concept Services and still takes the time to develop his team.

  6. Bryan possesses exceptional business acumen. He is an inspiring leader who goes above and beyond the call of duty for his employees and his clients alike.

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