Winner: Brian Carroll, B2B Sales Blog

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People in Lead Generation companies, including agencies, consultancies, database providers, fulfillment, telemarketing, trade show vendors, etc.)

About this winner:

When Brian Carroll started the B2B Lead Generation Blog in 2003, there was nothing like it. The blog resulted in a publishing deal with McGraw-Hill that ultimately produced his bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. Brian also founded the B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group an online community which includes 19,554 professionals who use the roundtable as a forum to discuss best practices in sales, marketing, and more. Brian’s been a staple in the B2B Marketing community for years. He recently finished a stint as Chief Evangelist at MECLABS and is now back to helping B2B understand and execute modern lead generation with his consulting, speaking, and training workshops.

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James Obermayer

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