Time to support your B2B & B2C C-Level Management Nominees

Find your favorites candidates, make a comment on their posts to tell us how you have been inspired by them. Skip the copy/paste from their bios – tell YOUR story. Nominees in this category include:

Chris Hardeman, Act-On Software
Paul Alves, Quota Factory
Mark Godley, HG Data
Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights
Peter Gracey, Quota Factory
Justin Gray, LeadMD
Jeff Pedowitz, The Pedowitz Group
Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner CRM
Phil Anderson, Zilliant
MariAnne Vanella, The Vanella Group
Dan McDade, PointClear, LLC
Jeanne Hopkins, Continuum Managed IT Services
Carlos Hidalgo, ANNUITAS
Kirk Krappe, Apttus
Michael Krein, RIO Genesis Software, Inc.
Christopher Ryan, Fusion Marketing Partners
Mick Hollison, Inside Sales
Dan Harsh, Concept Services, Ltd.
Barry O’Sullivan, Altocloud
Sean Burke, KiteDesk
Eric quanstrom, KiteDesk
Dave Elkington, Inside Sales
Ken Krogue, Inside Sales
John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE/Grow Socially

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  1. Dan McDade is a great CEO and definitely has my vote.

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