Nominee: Kevin Miller, SalesFusion


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B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

About this nominee:

(Kaleb) Kevin was the first person that took a chance on hiring me to start my professional career in sales. He taught me everything I know about marketing automation and gave me a lot of advice on sales tactics and just life in general. He continues to inspire me even though we no longer work together.]

(Cole) Kevin Miller is an extremely knowledgeable person in the field of Marketing and has provided sage advice to hundreds of our clients who are getting up to speed with Marketing Automation.

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Nominated by:

Kaleb Dague
Cole Adams


  1. I owe Kevin Miller quite a bit. An outstanding leader with unrivaled knowledge in lead generation and marketing technology. Miller is the Guru. my career success to this point was greatly influenced by Kevin Miller. A true Marketing Automation leader and best in his field no questions asked.

  2. I once saw Kevin give mouth to mouth resuscitation on a cat and saved her life. There’s nothing this man can’t do. Total hero.

  3. Hi Susan, Kevin is so modest that he will probably deny this…..but if it weren’t for Kevin’s quick thinking and cat CPR training, Mittens wouldn’t be alive today.

  4. Kevin is a true professional B2B Marketer. I’ve learned much of what I know today because of this man.

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