Nominee: Scott Ankley, Velocify


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People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this nominee:

Scott is a visionary when it comes to lead providers and strategic integrations with lead management systems.  His expertise between these two conduits help drive ultimate conversion results for our customers.

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Nominated by:

Scott Payne


  1. Scott has been one of the most influential people in my career and business. He truly is a visionary in sales and lead management field. Thanks to him I have been able to optimize my sales team and take them to the next level.

  2. Scott is very driven and aggressive (in a very positive way), completely self-motivated and willing to take risks and challenge the status quo, creative and bright. He has single handedly developed a number of new partnerships that have proven to be valuable. Scott also has very good relationship building skills and is a strong team player that is well liked by partners and throughout the organization.

  3. Scott is genuine, hardworking, and dedicated to the success of his clients. A wealth of knowledge across multiple industries, I consider him both a mentor and a friend.

  4. Scott has helped to enhance the relationship between our two companies. He’s been great to work with and is always on top of anything we need. Great partner with easy and real conversation about business together. Really great asset for Velocify.

  5. Scott truly defines what it means to go above and beyond for others. His fun and charismatic personality, joined with his passion to help everyone around him excel are far beyond the norm. Scott is diligent, bright, motivated, and consistently the leader ensuring that every project is completed efficiently and accurately. He has rightly set a new standard in defining long-term partnership.

  6. Scott will always make himself available whenever mutual clients are in need of assistance. He’s constantly thinking of new ways to create joint revenue opportunities by connecting us to interested lead buyers. He’s helped build Velocify’s solar footprint & RGR is looking forward to providing these sales teams with high quality solar / home services lead.

  7. As the old adage goes: “Great ideas aren’t worth much without great execution”. Scott is both great idea and great execution. And more importantly, he’s a great person. It’s these traits that have yielded real value and needle moving results, not only for Velocify, but for all of its partners, and for the industry as a whole. Everyone and Everything that has the fortune of interacting with Scott is better because of it.

  8. Scott is a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their sales results. He is knowledgeable, energetic, and understands the meaning of partnerships.

  9. Scott is truly an inspiration. He is creative, ambitious and always looking to enhance his sales efforts with the latest strategies and technologies. Rarely can one find his unique combination of next-gen innovation with old school people skills. Scott is the type of guy you want to plan your party, secure the guest list then break out on the dance floor.

  10. Our partnership has been built on Scott’s selfless approach in putting his partners success first. This approach has made him a well respected figure among his partners and a valuable asset at Velocify

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