Nominee: Richard Harris, The Harris Consulting Group


Nominated in the category:

People in Lead Generation companies (including agencies – consultancies – database providers – fulfillment telemarketing – trade show vendors – etc.)

About this nominee:

(Josh Schwartz) Richard has been working with our entire sales team for the last 18 months. He delivers training that is informative, useful, fun and inspirational. He makes himself available to discuss my sales calls via chat, email, cell phone and even in person. I even have a sign above my desk reminding me to always ask, “What’s the question behind that question” and to dig deeper to understand our clients pains beyond their surface pain from his trainings. Also, he’s really pushed me in the right direction, helped me deliver results and hone in on my sales style. I couldn’t ask for a better sales consultant!

(Taft Love) I started working with Richard after reading several of his social media posts. His contribution to sales groups on LinkedIn was a big part of our decision to start working with him. Richard’s advice has directly impacted our sales development efforts and led to positive changes in the way we generate leads and qualified opportunities.

(Brendan Hartt) Not only does Richard do the training with our salesteam. He has also helped me grow my career and skillset as I move into a management role.

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Nominated by:

Josh Schwartz
Taft Love
Brendan Hartt

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