Nominee: Michael Krein, RIO Genesis Software, Inc.


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B2B and B2C C-Level Management

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Dr. Michael Krein is the CEO of RIO Software Solutions, the parent company and provider of the RIO Genesis software platform. It was Mike’s 27 years of experience in the real estate and default servicing industry that led to the creation of the RIO Genesis system, whereby his ideas and management systems were incorporated and designed into a user friendly software system for both general and default real estate companies and their affiliate partners. He drives people to become better leaders through his blunt honesty, vast experience and sage advice by way of VERY humorous anecdotes. You want to learn from him and become a better department head under his leadership. He encourages every individual in the company to try on many hats without being locked into one role. He gives back to the industry constantly by teaching and speaking. Free Broker School is his way to thumb his nose at conventional training and give real, from-the-trenches advice to brokers and agents. He encourages them to take what he teaches and SHARE it, rather than being threatened by giving too many secrets away.

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Jaysen Greenleaf


  1. I have known Mike Krein since 2001 when I joined a national trade group he formed, the NRBA. He has been an inspiration to all of it’s members and insightful to the industry. He developed RIO Genesis in seeing a need in developing a software platform for our members to better run their businesses. He has gone above and beyond to help those in our industry. Mike is an excellent candidate for this award.

  2. I have known Mike for 20 years and consider him to be one of the most intelligent and well respected individuals in the industry. He has a unique ability to connect with a broad range of people nationwide and his ability to teach them leadership skills by example, makes him a natural leader himself. I am honored and proud to call Mike a college and friend.

  3. I nominated Dr. Krein because he is such a dynamic personality, beyond successful in every category of the real estate industry he has worked in, and because his inspiration and direction created one of the most dynamic real estate transactional based platforms in the industry, “RIO Genesis”.

  4. Dr. Mike Krein is a a true leader in the real estate industry and an innovative CEO for RIO Software Solutions. As an accomplished real estate industry professional he has developed the most robust real estate software on the market and continues to be an innovator by challenging standards and elevating the real estate software market. I am proud to work for and learn from such an accomplished CEO.

  5. When I first started watching Free Broker School and saw him speak in person – his blunt style, humor and candor had me hooked. It opened my mind to thinking outside the real estate industry and about team building and hard truths that most will never admit. I admire that in a person. I’m so happy I’m able to work with him on projects and expose others, especially Real Estate professionals to his secret sauce.

  6. I am somewhat newer to the REO business. As a member of NRBA and Rio Genesis I have seen the power and personally been able to speak with Mike and view him as a great mentor to me in the business. Frankly, I don’t know if I would be in the same spot without his wisdom and advice. We all have to execute, however Mike is both accessible and his programs are realistic and work. I want to thank him for all he has done for our industry and hope he is the recipient of this well deserved award.

  7. Mike, has what it takes and have done it. He is dynamic, bold and candid . A true leader in the real estate industry. He is always there to help and share his wisdom and advice.

  8. Some refer to Dr. Mike as Dynamic, Bold, Candid, Wise, Innovative and he is all that and more but I know Mike Krein as a man with a heart the size of Texas, caring and giving and always there when needed especially when it came to the Kids of the Make A Wish Foundation. Mike was always right there stepping up to the plate helping give hope to children with life threating illnesses. I had the pleasure of working with Mike for many years on the NRBA’ s Charity of Choice, Make A Wish Fundraiser where I first hand saw the love, support, his time and his money that he always gave unconditionally of himself to make a child feel special and normal if just for one day. Mike always went over and beyond anything I had ever seen to give hope and happiness to the children of Make A Wish. You will never hear Mike toot his one horn about this because that was not Mike so I am tooting that horn for a very special man that I will always have the upmost respect and admiration for! Hats off to Mike and he deserves to be tops in this nomination!

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