Nominee: Lars Helgeson, GreenRope


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People in software and web applications that pertain to sales lead management

About this nominee:

Lars Helgeson is not only the Founder and CEO of GreenRope, but he has been the chief developer of the system. His knowledge of business combined with his skill for programming led Lars to create GreenRope, a widely used CRM and marketing automation platform. Lars’s vision goes beyond just sales to bridge the gap between sales and marketing by incorporating a built-in marketing automation platform enabling teams to work together seamlessly, sharing critical data and metrics. As a leader and developer, Lars surpasses the traditional role of CEO. He has built his company with no outside funding, building a system based on the feedback of GreenRope’s users. He inspires his team to collaborate and contribute to the platform and its success.

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Nominated by:

Alessandra Ceresa


  1. Lars is very deserving of this honor! He has a true passion for creating a platform to help small and medium size companies grow to their maximum potential.

  2. Lars is an inspiring leader who leads through example. He is devoted to helping companies succeed by offering an easy-to-use platform to unify their sales and marketing activities.

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