Nominee: Karla Blalock, PointClear, LLC

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People in Lead Generation companies (including agencies – consultancies – database providers – fulfillment telemarketing – trade show vendors – etc.)

About this nominee:

In the past 12 months Karla has developed key initiatives to help PointClear clients continually meet their sales lead management goals: Refining a multi-step recruiting process to identify best-fit associates, implementing best-practice teleprospecting certification, and deploying leadership development and incentive programs to increase lead metric achievement across the board.

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Nominated by:

Elizabeth Fairleigh

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  1. As part of the Business Development team at PointClear, I’ve had the pleasure to work under the leadership of Dan McDade, Karla Blalock and Mark Collura. After 20-plus years in business-to-business sales at major corporations, this is truly one of the best executive teams I have witnessed. Dan is passionate at lead generation. He stays plugged into the workforce, driving inspiration. Karla is a constant source of motivation and direction. Mark is keen on delivering major sales results swiftly, which have a rippling affect throughout the organization.

    It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to show my support of Dan, Karla and Mark, each deserving of the win in their own right.

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