Nominee: Karen DeWolfe, interlinkOne & Grow Socially

Karen DeWolfe of interlinkONE and Grow Socially

Nominated in the category:

B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

About this nominee:

(Donna) Karen has been a sales professional for decades and still to this day makes it look easy. She has a great way of interacting with prospects that provides them with the help they need, not a pre-rehearsed sales pitch. Never pushy, her goal is always to solve a problem, not just to make a sale. She mentors other sales professionals, and is truly a leader in sales management.

(Nicole) I am nominating Karen DeWolfe because she has paved the way in sales the last 15+ years in a predominantly male led industry. She has played a key role in helping interlinkONE become what it is today. While playing such a pivotal role in sales for us she has also assisted in the operations side of our business.

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Nominated by:

Donna Vieira
Nicole Simonian

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