Nominee: Jon Russo, B2BFusion


Nominated in the category:

People in Lead Generation companies (including agencies – consultancies – database providers – fulfillment telemarketing – trade show vendors – etc.)

About this nominee:

As one of Jon’s former clients and in my current role at, I seek to nominate Jon Russo for the top 40 most inspiring sales lead management leaders. I’ve seen Jon and his small team in action; they optimized our sales and marketing performance to help us align sales with marketing. The result was higher qualified leads to our head of sales which also helped my own marketing visibility and credibility at a key time. He has focused in this area for 5 years with other larger enterprises beyond my own. He is well known in the sales/marketing industry as a board member of MO-CCA, the leading marketing effectiveness association. In addition, his thought leadership is regularly published on DemandGen reports, Forbes CMO, and on the blogs of, Oracle, and Marketo. I recommend him without reservation.

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Nominated by:

Jaime Davenport


  1. Jon Russo is a dedicated and ambitious leader among his peers. He has demonstrated leadership qualities above and beyond expectations. He possesses and uses creative problem solving skills to attain his goals and objectives. He is looked up to as a business partner who gets things done. It is with great pleasure that I cast my vote for Jon Russo.

  2. Jon is an intelligent, capable leader. His integrity is above reproach.

  3. Jon Russo has a proven track record in raising productivity in the marketing/sales processes by customizing and optimizing software for many smart customers. He carefully researches their needs, makes thoughtful recommendations and stages realistic implementation plans. Jon employs the best resources to focus on his clients problems in order to satisfy their objectives.

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