Nominee: John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE / Grow Socially


Nominated in the category:

B2B and B2C C-Level Management

About this nominee:

(Donna) John effectively runs multiple companies that offer both software and marketing services to a large number of happy and successful clients. He is on the road the majority of the year speaking to various groups, assists many companies and associations with their management, marketing, and sales, and inspires his team to do better every day.

(Nicole)  John has successfully led multiple companies for over 19 years. He has played a pivotal role in providing a corporate vision, strategic alliances and technical leadership. He has been widely recognized for his visionary approach in designing internet marketing applications that meet the changing needs of many industries.  John has helped many organizations build their strategy, execute to generate leads, & to manage all aspects through software & services.

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Nominated by:

Donna Vieira

Nicole Simonian

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