Nominee: Jeff Harsh, Concept Services, Ltd.

Nominated in the category:

B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

About this nominee:

Jeff pioneered Concept Services’ partnership with and our CRM division by working towards and achieving a Developer Certification. As a Certified Developer, Jeff was able to develop the framework around our services for implementations, support, training and more for our clients. He has also used the operational experience he gained from creating training programs and other activities in his previous roles to become Director of Operations and now VP of Operations, where he continues to support the overall needs of our organization and existing structure.

Today, Jeff splits his time across a multitude of responsibilities including working alongside our CRM team to oversee our internal instance of Jeff is also responsible for the ongoing development of our management and training teams as well as managing our production, operation and resource allocation. His goals include the continuous and ongoing improvement of all areas within his group and across the company.

Connect with Jeff:

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Nominated by:

Traci Whetzel

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