Nominee: Janelle Johnson, Act-On Software


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B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

About this nominee:

As Senior Director of Demand Generation for Act-On Software, Janelle remains responsible for generating thousands of new leads monthly and driving impactful revenue for the company’s bottom line, via dynamic, actionable, data-driven marketing campaigns. She also oversees Act-On’s customer marketing programs.

In heading up Act-On’s demand gen and customer marketing initiatives, Janelle continues to play a critical part in the company’s growth and forward momentum – working closely with peers across the organization to refine, optimize, and strengthen marketing and sales processes, for millions in pipeline contributions quarterly. In past years, she has generated up to 85% of the company’s overall revenue through marketing-qualified leads.

Janelle further extends herself as a coach and mentor to countless professionals new to marketing automation and demand generation. She speaks regularly at conferences, leads workshops and coaching sessions (most recently as one of a select few speakers for Act-On’s ongoing roadshow series), and makes frequent appearances as panelist and moderator both on webinars – allowing her to address and share best practices with hundreds of marketers worldwide. In these efforts, as in all her undertakings, Janelle’s tireless energy and enthusiasm are made manifest, and allow her to set new standards of excellence and creativity in multi-channel marketing.

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Kelly Ferguson

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