Nominee: Dan Harsh, Concept Services, Ltd.


Nominated in the category:

B2B and B2C C-Level Management

About this nominee:

Dan has been a personal and professional mentor to me for over 12 years. I am grateful for his mentorship. He provides our organization with practical, yet inspiring leadership. The “Concept” to separate new business development, from outside sales efforts was created by his own humility. He did not like to prospect for new business but loved talking to potential customers. He has surrounded himself with individuals that challenge him in areas where he lacks. He continues to challenge our management team to be as disciplined as possible and to challenge our internal business processes and our customers’, so that they and we can grow. We are all lucky that he had an idea 13 years ago. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to nominate him.

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Nominated by:

Traci Whetzel

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