Nominee: Chris Hardeman, Act-On Software


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B2B and B2C C-Level Management

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In both his larger career and tenure with Act-On, Chris has time and time again proven himself not just a capable leader in sales lead management, but an effective one, too, adept at nurturing talent, driving growth, and delivering the necessary results. As Act-On’s VP, Sales, Chris shepherded the company’s sales organization from a revenue output of $2 million to $50 million in just four years’ time – cementing Act-On in the process as one of the fastest-growing players in its space, and a brand recognized for its superior service and support.

Under Chris’ watchful eye and dynamic leadership, the Act-On sales organization has brought on over 1,000 new customers in the past year, with a 132% increase in customers converted to an ARR model (12-month commitment). This arm of the company is no stranger to explosive growth – growing by more than 1,000% between 2011-2014 – and remains directly responsible for increasing revenue in the past twelve months by over 50%.

More crucially, Chris understands what’s necessary to push the needle and advance the company’s bottom line. He has lent his personal assistance to hundreds of customers working to increase their market share and improve their competitive advantage, and he remains heavily invested in customer success, even as he works to ensure his own team members are engaged. His diligence in closing deals, his willingness to collaborate, and his open door policy have given rise to a supportive, productive sales culture, where employees don’t just excel at what they do, but enjoy it.

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Kelly Ferguson


  1. Inspiring people to reach great heights and success is a skill that Chris has. He models and promotes a culture of respect, fairness and trust where people feel appreciated and valued for their unique contribution.

  2. THE most inspiring leader I have ever worked for.

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