Nominee: Bill Reed, Aventi Group, LLC


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B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

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(Sridhar) Bill has pioneered work in neuroscience as applied to sales and marketing. He’s published many blog posts and papers on the subject which has branched out into neuro-marketing and neuro-selling. I attended a workshop he led with sales executives at a tech firm. Was blown away with how positively the reps responded to Bill’s neuro-selling methodology. I’ve rarely seen that level of sales engagement in a training workshop where folks tend to be pretty cynical and resistant to change.

(Anneke)  Mr. Reed has been an inspiration leader for dozens of lead management projects for leading tech firms such as Avnet, Arrow, Cisco, HP, IBM, Logicalis, Microsoft, Oracle, Riverbed, SAP, Symantec, VMware and many others. He has successfully used cutting-edge neuroscience, neurolinguistics, personality profiling, teaching sciences, and a unique 3-Act Sales Play format to drive results that his client verify are 3 to 5x above industry norms. Reed also empowers sales professionals with neuroscience-based sales enablement tools that provide the equivalent of a flashlight and roadmap into a prospect’s decision-making thought processes.

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Sridhar Ramanathan
Anneke Fesko


  1. Bill Reed is an innovator with a vast amount of real world experience. He has done all of the sales, marketing, business development roles at the highest levels and his unique systems really do work!!

    Cheers Bill, great stuff!

  2. Bill Reed is a pleasure to work with – he truly knows the world of B2B Marketing and Sales Management and understands, at a very deep level, what change he needs to influence for his customers to be successful. Bill inspires both, his customers and his technology partners to bring about the change he envisions with his unique and positive approach.

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